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Under Suspicion Paperback £6.99
published by Allison & Busby ISBN 978-0-7490-7963-5

No. 2 in the Series featuring DJ Smith and Gorgonzola

DJ Smith, Undercover investigator for HM Revenue&Customs,is sent to Tenerife to infiltrate a money-laundering organisation run by Ambrose Vanheusen, a ruthless criminal with an obsession for his Persian cat, Samarkand Black Prince. DJ's passport into Vanheusen's empire is Gorgonzola, her moth-eaten ginger Persian and sniffer cat extraordinaire, acting under the pedigree alias of Persepolis Desert Sandstorm.

It was only then that I noticed the position of the bathroom door.  I always leave both it and the small window wide open to clear any condensation after my morning shower.  Now the door was barely ajar. Could a gust of wind have caught it and blown it shut? But today had been paricularly hot and airless - there'd been no wind of any kind, let alone gusts strong enough to move a heavy door.  Perhaps Gorgonzola prowling round the empty house had pushed it shut?  No way. She was quite capable of pushing open a door with one meaty paw, but she couldn't have closed it behind her.

The hairs on the back of my neck prickled.  Some primitive instinct told me that I was not alone, that there was someone else in the house.  I held my breath, listening for  the scrape of foot on floor, the noisy breathing of someone as jittery as myself...  Not a sound.  But then, an intruder wouldn't be jittery.  Professional intruders never were.  His breathing would be calm, measured, under control.

I took a firm grip on the car jack in the carrier bag and moved silently forward...

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